MKBHD Showcases HANCE and Acon Digital’s Extract:Dialogue

We partnered with Acon Digital on Extract:Dialogue, which caught the attention of Ellis Rovin at the popular MKBHD YouTube channel, which, at the time of writing, has more than 17.7 million subscribers. Our team at HANCE developed Extract:Dialogue for noise reduction in voiceovers and speech during post-production. This technology, powered by HANCE's machine learning algorithms, is essential for professionals in film, TV, radio/podcasting, gaming, and live broadcasts.

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Erling Hoff - Oct 29, 2023
MKBHD Showcases HANCE and Acon Digital’s Extract:Dialogue

We are pleased with the recognition from industry experts like MKBHD, who has integrated Extract:Dialogue into their production workflow to enhance audio clarity in tech review videos. This partnership demonstrates the real-time noise reduction capability of Extract:Dialogue and its practical usefulness.

Recently, our colleague Stian had the opportunity to discuss the benefits and features of Extract:Dialogue with MKBHD's team. While his segment didn't make it into the final cut, the interaction with such a respected tech icon showcased our software's strength and the HANCE team's expertise.

To learn more about Extract:Dialogue, visit the Acon Digital Website. Feel free to contact us for any questions about integrating HANCE into your software or hardware products.