Remix: The Next Step in Real-Time Audio Processing by Acon Digital and HANCE

Acon Digital and HANCE have partnered to launch Remix. This audio plugin operates on the HANCE Audio Engine, a cross-platform library with an easy integration process and low latency. The collaboration introduces a tool for realtime audio processing with minimal system resource requirements.

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Erling Hoff - Sep 19, 2023
Remix: The Next Step in Real-Time Audio Processing by Acon Digital and HANCE cover image

The standout feature of Remix is its ability to separate complete mixes into five clear categories: vocals, piano, bass, drums, and others in realtime. This is the first plugin working efficiently in a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) to enhance the creative control of music producers, audio engineers, DJs, and sound designers. Remix also offers automated parameters to help find the right balance between eliminating artifacts and controlling spills – all using the powerful HANCE Audio Engine.

The pricing of $49.90 USD makes Remix a viable option for both beginners and experienced individuals in the field, offering an advanced tool yet accessible. This aspect and its innovative features have earned it a positive reception in the audio community. Users find it useful for various tasks, including creating new mix variations, rebalancing, and extracting vocals from full mixes. The latter includes applications such as creating karaoke tracks by removing the vocals from songs.

Looking forward, Remix promises continuous improvements with future updates, with the potential for further refinement and advancements in audio processing. The collaboration with HANCE signals a significant step forward in audio technology.