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Realtime AI Audio Enhancement for Audio Industries.

For Software and Hardware Hear the Difference

HANCE controls audio in realtime. Fit for multiple audio industries: music, emergency services, military, aerospace, telecom, intelligence, contracting, streaming, video conferencing, telecom, consumer electronics, and more.

Remove Noise

Imagine HANCE integrated in headset-microphones made for construction sites. Make voice communication efficient in noisy situations. Our lightweight model allows easy integration in almost any software or hardware.

Busy construction site


Remove Echo

Room echo, or reverb, can make speech hard to interpret. Our echo removal models have won blind tests as being best in class, and run on any hardware or software.

Garage reverb


Stem Separation

Imagine HANCE integrated in a speaker. Make any song a karaoke song by removing the vocals - or remove the drums and play along. We've invented selective hearing in realtime.

Stem separation

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In 20 milliseconds our AI-model learns which frequencies are voice, noise, or reverb - and adjusts them according to what you want to hear.


With a library of 5MB and model sizes ranging from 3-4MB - HANCE is the most lightweight, low cost, and compute-efficient way to enhance audio that we’ve heard of.


Realtime processing and lightweight models makes HANCE fit for a variety of industries. Our model is custom made for your hardware or software needs.

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Made for Your Business

Screenshot from a video call with many people

Can you hear me now?

Perfect for Video Calls

Realtime audio enhancement by HANCE is perfect for video conferences. Our lightweight custom solution can be integrated in video conferencing-software or microphone-hardware.

HANCE filters background noise, enhances speech, and balances volume in realtime, making remote meetings more productive with clear communication. 


For software and hardware

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20 ms

Making it applicable for realtime enhancement


Clean Simple API

Powered by AI

3 - 4MB

+ 5MB library

Making it small enough to fit in almost any hardware.

+50 yrs

Sound Engineering and Audio Processing

You can hear the difference

Run on anything


Customer Satisfaction

Effortless and reliant streaming of realtime enhancement

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Where machine learning meets audio processing.

Even though HANCE is a Norwegian-based company, our story begins in Anaheim, Los Angeles. In 2019, our founders from Acon Digital and Soundly met at the NAMM Convention. This meeting is what resulted in a collaboration to create the fastest, easiest, and most adaptable audio enhancement algorithms available.

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